How to download your files from Etsy and import them into your digital planning app

If you just purchased a Pepperko digital planner from Etsy you may be wondering the best way to download them and get them into the app you're using for digital planning. This post will walk you through how to easily download your files on your iPad and get them into the app you're using! If you're using an Android tablet the process will be different, but similar in concept.

Instructions included in this post

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Where to find your Etsy files


Login to your Etsy account from a browser, NOT the Etsy app. Your files will not show up in the app (at least as of February 2022 when writing this blog post).

If you are downloading your files on your iPad I recommend only using the Safari browser to do so. I have run into issues with using Chrome to download files from Etsy.

Once logged in to your account in a browser, go to the "you" tab in the top right corner and click on "purchases and reviews"