The Focused Daily
Digital Planner + Notebook

Your new favorite digital planner

The Focused Daily Digital Planner + Notebook is a simple yet powerful way for you to plan your day-to-day while organizing all of your important ideas, notes, projects, and anything else in your life.

Keep it simple. Stay focused.

This 2-in-1 digital planner + notebook was designed to be a simple but powerful way for anyone to create their perfect digital planner.


Whether you're a student, business owner, or just want a way to stay organized in your life, this is the digital planner for you!

What is a digital planner?

Digital planners are meant to be used on iPads or tablets with a PDF annotation app that supports hyperlinks such as:

  • GoodNotes

  • Noteshelf

  • Notability

  • ZoomNotes

  • Xodo (Android)


So, what's in the Focused Daily Digital Planner?

Use as your catch-all page for anything you want easy access to such as:

  • Recurring tasks

  • Current projects

  • What's upcoming

  • Trackers

  • and so much more!

hyperlinked to your custom sections

Simple layout to have flexibility in your planning!

  • Semi-dated to use year after year

  • Hyperlinked for quick and easy navigation

  • Widget digital stickers included to add or change the page layout

Daily Pages.png

Daily Pages

Dashboard Page

daily page hyperlinks

** this is a daily digital planner, however, undated weekly and monthly page inserts are included with the planner. Copy and paste them in your planner any time you want to plan a week or month.

change or add to the daily page with the widget digital stickers

12 hyperlinked subsections

Use the custom sections for anything in your life that needs a dedicated section in your digital planner!

  • 12 hyperlinked subsections in each section for further organization of pages

  • Insert pages as needed into each section and subsection

  • Customize the custom section dashboard page to fit your needs

Custom Sections.png

5 Custom Sections

No matter the type of project, keep all your pages organized within one of the 14 hyperlinked project pages in the projects section

Create organized notes, ideas, resources, and more with the 40 hyperlinked pages in the notes section


Change the hyperlinked page template by overlaying a PNG page insert on top

Notes Section

Projects Section


Overlay a PNG page insert on the hyperlinked page to customize, or use as is!

this is your custom section's dashboard!

Page Template Inserts

There are 16 page inserts and 16 note page templates included with the digital planner. Use them anytime, anywhere in your planner. Simply copy and paste the page in your planner or overlay a PNG page insert on top of an existing page to change the template of any page.

Page inserts:

✦ To do list
✦ Check list
✦ Master task list
✦ Project planner
✦ Project tracker
✦ Pomodoro tracker
✦ Time tracker
✦ Vision board
✦ Brain dump
✦ Mind map
✦ Affirmations
✦ Reading list
✦ Routine planner
✦ Check-in
✦ Undated month
✦ Undated week

Note page templates:

✦ Lined
✦ Grid
✦ Dotted
✦ Blank
✦ Lined 2 column
✦ Grid 2 column
✦ Dotted 2 column
✦ Blank 2 column
✦ Lined 3 column
✦ Grid 3 column
✦ Dotted 3 column
✦ Blank 3 column
✦ Lined half page
✦ Grid half page
✦ Dotted half page
✦ Blank half page

Page templates.png

Freebies included!

This digital planner comes with free digital stickers and 20 bonus covers!

Stickers included as:

  • GoodNotes sticker book

  • Noteshelf sticker book (for iPad)

  • Individual PNGs for other apps

Digital Stickers.png

Bonus covers included as PNG images


simply overlay the image on top of the page you want the cover

Preview this planner!

Interact with a preview of this digital planner and notebook below.


Note: January is the only month and custom section 1 is the only custom section included in the preview.

clickable hyperlinks!

Ready to get focused & organized?

Customize your planner with the add-ons!

Several page template packs and digital sticker packs were created to be used with your Focused Digital Planner + Notebook so you can customize your planner to fit your planning needs.

Page template packs

Make your digital planner custom to you and your life with the add-on page template packs! 

how it works

When you purchase a template add-on pack you receive PNG images of the page templates to overlay on top of a page in your planner anytime you want to use it.

Types of PNGs you'll receive:

White background PNGs: you will use these anytime you want to cover up a page that already has something on it, e.g. a lined note paper template

Transparent background PNGs: you will use these if the page you are adding the PNG to is already blank and you don't have to cover up anything

Copy & paste a page in your planner where you want the PNG page template to go. Then simply insert the PNG image on top of the page you pasted.

Example: you want to change one of the hyperlinked notes section pages to a different page template - simply insert the white background PNG image on top of the page.

changing an existing page in your planner

page inserts.png

adding a new page to your planner

Template Packs Available