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New to digital planning? You're in the right place.


Here you'll find everything you need to know to get started digital planning, including a free sample digital planner!

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ready to go digital?

All of your questions, answered

I know it can be intimidating at first when you are trying to figure out what digital planning is, how to do it, and if it will be a good fit for you or not.


Don't worry! I have answered all of the most common questions someone new to digital planning may have. Let's get started!

So, what is digital planning?

the basics

Digital planning is a way to have a paper planner experience on your iPad or tablet but with so many more possibilities!

A digital planner is a PDF file that is hyperlinked together to navigate from page to page which offers a seamless experience.

You use a digital planner on your iPad or tablet with a PDF annotation app that supports hyperlinks. The PDF annotation app is how you write in your planner and use all the pages.

Hyperlinks in a digital planner just means elements on the page are linked to another page when you tap on it. E.g. When you tap on the monthly tab it will take you to the monthly calendar page.

With digital planning you can duplicate or copy and paste pages, move pages around, and get much more creative in your planning spreads than you can with a paper planner!

Why should I make the switch to digital?

I made this handy chart to show you all of the things you can do with Pepperko Digital planners that you just can't do with a paper planner.

Paper Planners
Pepperko Digital Planners
Easy to use
Monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages
Other planning page templates
Customizable sections
Move pages around your planner
Unlimited sticker use
Easily customize page layouts
Duplicate page inserts for unlimited use
Clutter & bulk free
Copy elements from one page to another
Undo button

In short, digital planning has so many perks compared to paper planners. I understand if you're just a paper person all around and would rather plan in a traditional planner. I just highly suggest trying it out first!

Digital planning sounds amazing! What do I need to get started?

You only need a few things to use a digital planner!

  1. An iPad or tablet that has the ability to download a PDF annotation app

  2. A stylus to write in your planner

  3. A PDF annotation app that supports hyperlinks 

Optional: If you would like the option to quickly type in your planner I highly recommend getting a bluetooth keyboard to use with your iPad or tablet. This is especially helpful for students that will be taking a lot of notes.

App recommendations

For iPad

My #1 app recommendation for iPad is GoodNotes 5 and is what I use.


Other recommendations:

  • Noteshelf

  • Notability

  • Zoom Notes

For Android

I do not use Android tablets for digital planning, however I recommend looking into these apps:

  • Noteshelf

  • Xodo

For Windows Surface Tablets

I recommend looking into the app Drawboard PDF

Can I use a digital planner on my phone or computer?

Technically, yes. It is possible to use a digital planner on a phone or computer if the app you are using has a mobile and/or desktop app you can download and sync between devices.


I do not recommend using my digital planners on a phone or computer as your primary device. I recommend using my digital planners on an iPad or tablet as your primary device.

Each planner is designed to primarily be used on your tablet with a stylus. Every digital planning app I have tried with my digital planners is always a better experience on a tablet.


However, being able to look at your planner and do some quick jotting down or referencing something in your planner on your phone or computer can be really useful. 


For example, GoodNotes has both an iPhone and Mac app that you can use. As long as you are logged into iCloud and have the app synced on your devices, you can view and use your planner from any device.

Key takeaway: your experience will be impacted if you decide to use any of my digital planners on only your phone or computer instead of a tablet.

Do you have tutorials to help me get started?

Yes! I've made several tutorials to help answer any questions you have with using GoodNotes or Noteshelf and getting started with your digital planner. 

Still have questions? I'm happy to help!

Thanks for getting in touch! I will get back to you ASAP.

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