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Hi there,
I'm Brandi!

the designer behind Pepperko Digital

My mission is to help you ditch the overwhelm of reaching your goals and feel more in control of your life with thoughtfully designed digital planning & productivity tools

I believe in

living intentionally through self-reflection
ditching the hustle & grind mindset for a balanced & fulfilled life
creating sustainable habits & routines that serve you & your goals
investing in yourself & discovering what works for you

My goal is to provide you with resources & tools that will get you on the path to achieving your dreams — whether you’re wanting to start your own business, have a successful school year, or you just want to add structure to your life and boost your productivity in your day-to-day.

I am passionate about creating digital planning tools and sharing productivity tips and tricks. Each digital planner or notebook that I have in the shop has been thoughtfully and carefully designed to ensure it will be incredibly valuable to you and your endeavors. 

I hope no matter your situation or what your goals are, you'll find something in the shop that will help you along your journey to success!

I can't wait to see what you accomplish!


Create a productive & fulfilled life 

get to know me!

Early bird or night owl?

I can be both, but I feel my best when I get up early!

Fave food?

Hard to choose a #1 favorite, but I love sushi and poke bowls

Go-to drink?

Coffee! I love making my own cold brew coffee

Astrological sign?


Personality type?

inf j (the advocate)

Cats or dogs?

Cats!! I have two - Caesar and Roger :)

Painting my nails (I have an unhealthy amount of nail polish)

#1 hobby?
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